Bodyguard Service‚Äč

Our Executive Protection Team

ONSET offers the highest level of personal protection for dignitaries, celebrities, and high net worth individuals.

In order to ensure a secure environment for protectees, ONSET integrates a variety of innovative technologies recruits and maintains a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Onset officers are former law enforcement and/or military operatives who have proven, real world experience handling cases in challenging environments. 

Depending on the level of security you need, we can provide Close Protection Specialist and /or security drivers to keep you and the people you care about safe. We specialize in protecting people from personal threat.

Our Team Will Keep you safe without compromising your privacy And Provide flexible styles of protection.

At Onset, we understand that all protection needs are different. Whether you are considering hiring a Close Protection Specialist for a single-day event or for an ongoing long-term assignment, contact us to inquire about our personalized service.